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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Musky C&R

I thought some of you may find this interesting, fishing the Niagara river.
Be sure to read the whole article. 

In today’s age, musky anglers practice catch-and-release method

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Wayne Brewer of Seneca Falls caught and released this Niagara River musky.

My generation has seen a dramatic change in musky fishing. Even though current anglers may fish the same areas and utilize the same techniques as anglers 40 years ago, today’s musky anglers have a different attitude.
For example, four decades ago when minimum-length requirements were in the 30- to 40-inch range, musky anglers routinely kept all of their legal catches. Those fish were likely eaten, and if the fish was a larger one, it was taken to a local marina to be weighed and photographed, with the picture appearing on the front page of the following day’s local paper.
In contrast to this catch-and-keep practice of the past, today’s musky angler practices catch and release. Such an angler nets or cradles his catch at boat side and unhooks the fish while his partner assists and readies the camera.
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