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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Defense

 Note: this is something I thought you may be interested in.

Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense Loads 

Remington Home Defense Ammo


Don't Trust Your Family's Safety to Anything Else.

Experts agree a shotgun is the best firearm for home defense.  In 2010, Remington introduced a new ammunition product designed to enhance the effectiveness of your shotgun in a home defense scenario – Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense.
Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense shotgun ammunition features the same pellet material as the popular Wingmaster HD™ tungsten-bronze hunting ammunition and is offered in two loadings. Consumers can choose from a load of BB’s for the highest terminal energy or a duplex mixture of #2 and #4 pellets for excellent pattern density and outstanding stopping power with a reduced chance of over-penetration.

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