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Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is what I came face to face, 5 feet, with a few (11:45 pm) nights ago, 
putting the trash out.
I startled him as much as he startled me. It showed it's teeth and growled. 
He ran, I didn't.
I put the night vision video camera out to record him if he came back, he did.
I have played this in slow mode and zoomed in, many times.
What I thought was a glint of a collar(dog?) may actually be the reflection of it's eye.
Because of the frame per second (and IR) of the camera it's difficult to tell.
You decide, is it a coyote or a dog. Let me know.
  PS. Figures the motion detector light broke after a recent power failure.

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  1. BTW: I have seen coyote's up close in the wild.
    And what is a dog doing in my back yard at that time of night?
    There was nothing in the trash cans,empty.


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