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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sportfish hatchery

Niagara Gazette

March 14, 2011

Fish hatchery could be reeled in for Joseph Davis Park

LEWISTON — Town officials were briefed on a plan Monday that could bring a state-of-the art sportfish hatchery and research facility to Joseph Davis Park.

This Blogers thought: Will the small minded people screw this up again?
Like they did with Verizon in Niagara county. I'm surprised Yahoo got built.
I'm still waiting for the new Peace Bridge. What's it now, 20 years?
The inner/outer harbor in Buffalo, NY has been talking 
about it for 60+ years.
The population has been going down for 40 years in the 
Buffalo-Niagara region. No wonder.
Small minded people!

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