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Sunday, December 26, 2010

State Parks

Lewiston is now in talks with the state to maintain Joseph Davis State Park.


Lewiston Supervisor Steven L. Reiter recently called the park a 375-acre "rat's nest of blight" along the Niagara River that was left wanting state attention earlier in the year after it was closed, then spared by the state.
"For the kind of neighborhood that park sits in and the kind of use that park could sustain, it's a shame to me that it's in that condition," Reiter said. "I think I echo the frustrations of a lot of the residents of Lewiston."

At the very least, Reiter said, Lewiston could have crews in Joseph Davis State Park to cut the grass so it remains open for youth, picnickers, golfers and anglers who use the docks.
The town also hopes to use some of its Niagara River Greenway money and other funds from the New York Power Authority to make some improvements.
"I plan on this being good news," he said. "This is another asset we can utilize."
The town and the Audubon Society already plan a campground and enhancing the fishing piers so more visitors can use them, Reiter said. He said they could also ask for outside investors to include some cabins or a rustic inn along the banks of the waterfront.
"I think we can generate some revenues," the supervisor said.
Reiter also noted that Niagara County has one of the largest recorded horse registrations in the state and suggested equestrian trails could be part of a new plan.
"It sat there for years being neglected, but there's a lot of opportunities there," Reiter said. "There hasn't been much use of it, other than disk golfers, who are a very large active group of supporters."

"It won't be hard to make it better," Reiter said, "but it won't be closed because the Town of Lewiston didn't step up."
He said that anyone who would like help form a "Friends of Joseph Davis State Park" to help with rehabilitation may contact him by  e-mail at supervisor@townoflewiston.us.
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My thoughts: With the state in debt to the tune of $8 billion and 
having to have a balanced budget, get ready to get screwed.
Being a liberal state don't expect Medicaid or Welfare to be cut.
But do expect the outdoors men to get screwed. Big time!
Watch and see.
And this was after we had a licenses increase.
BTW: Liberal NYC voted for Andrew Cuomo, not up-state.

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