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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gun Control

March 17, 2010

County calls out anti-gun measures

LOCKPORT — The county Legislature is calling on local members of the New York State Legislature to help block a trio of gun-control measures proposed by downstate legislators.

Legislators John Syracuse, R-Newfane, and John Ceretto, R-Lewiston, put up resolutions Tuesday denouncing three proposed state laws that affect gun ownership. The resolutions were approved by unanimous vote of the county body.

One state bill calls for mandatory renewal of pistol permits every five years. Another calls for a ban on magazine-fed pistols, magazine-fed semiautomatic rifles and pump-action shotguns. Another redefines the sale of guns between private citizens as “gun show” and subjects those sales to state oversight.

Individually and together, the bills represent an assault on New Yorkers’ Second Amendment right to bear arms, Syracuse declared.

Both bills were reintroduced and are now sitting in committee. The only members of the Western New York delegation who favored them last year were Assembly members Sam Hoyt, D-Buffalo, and Crystal Peoples, D-Buffalo.
Contact your Representative.  Tell them to stop gun control.

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