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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lake Erie freezing

Watch time lapse of Lake Erie freezing

Check out this video that shows Lake Erie freeze over a span of three days.
It was created by Great Lakes Vista, a website that captures live feeds and still photos of Lake Erie.
A frozen Lake Erie. Photo: Rabesphoto, Wikimedia Commons.
A frozen Lake Erie. Photo: Rabesphoto, Wikimedia Commons.
The site’s images are captured using an old camcorder in a weatherproof box. Software takes a picture every two minutes in addition to a video stream that runs constantly, according to Mark Lasmanis, the owner and operator of Great Lakes Vista.
Those who donate to the site get access to the active video stream as a perk, but the site also features archives of the last hour of still images, which comes in handy if you want to check developing weather conditions.
Lasmanis has been getting a lot of positive feedback for the site: “It’s nice hearing…from people who enjoy it,” he said. “It’s definitely enjoyable to have people take interest in the lake as I do.”
In the future, he wants to use a night vision camera to show when most of the ice freezes and perhaps do a time lapse video showing the ice melt when temperatures rise, he said.  http://greatlakesecho.org/2013/02/19/watch-time-lapse-of-lake-erie-freezing/

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